Turnip Yellows Polerovirus. TuYV

(Beet Mild Yellowing Virus rape isolate, Beet Western Yellows Virus)

Assay Type: DAS ELISA using polyclonal antiserum from rabbit

Host range: Brassicaceae and other arable crops, oil seed rape. Transmission by aphid species. The antiserum detects the sugar infecting – and oil seed rape strains as well.



DescriptionFormatCat. No.
Turnip Yellows Virus set / 100100 tests07009S/100
Turnip Yellows Virus set / 300300 tests07009S/300
Turnip Yellows Virus set / 500500 tests07009S/500
Turnip Yellows Virus Virus complete kit / 9696 tests07009C/096
Turnip Yellows Virus complete kit / 480480 tests07009C/480
Positive Control Turnip Yellows Virus1 vial (10 tests)07009PC
ELISA Method Control GAR1 vial (10 tests)07210PC for TuYV
Negative Control Turnip Yellows Virus1 vial (10 tests)07009NC