Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus/Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus. TSWV/INSV (Tospoviruses)

Assay type: DAS ELISA using polyclonal antisera from rabbit

Artificial mixture of TSWV and INSV antisera. For positive controls see individual entries TSWV and INSV.


DescriptionFormatCat. No.
TSWV/INSV set / 100100 tests07506S/100
TSWV/INSV set / 300300 tests07506S/300
TSWV/INSV set / 500500 tests07506S/500
TSWV/INSV set / 10001000 tests07506S/1000
TSWV/INSV complete kit / 9696 tests07506C/096
TSWV/INSV complete kit / 480480 tests07506C/480
TSWV/INSV complete kit / 960960 tests07506C/960
Positive Control TSWV/INSV1 vial (10 tests)07506PC
Negative Control TSWV/INSV1 vial (10 tests)07506NC