Dickeya chrysanthemi Saintpaulia isolate

(Erwinia chrysanthemi, Pectobacterium chrysanthemi, Bacterial soft rot)

Assay type: DAS ELISA using polyclonal antiserum from rabbit. This antiserum recognizes Dickeya solani as well

Host range: Chrysanthemum, carrot, chicory, tomato, potato and other species, especially important for potatoes. Transmission: infested soil and tubers


DescriptionFormatCat. No.
Dickeya chrysanthemi set / 100100 tests07146S/100
Dickeya chrysanthemi set / 500500 tests07146S/500
Dickeya chrysanthemi set / 10001000 tests07146S/1000
Dickeya chrysanthemi complete kit / 9696 tests07146C/096
Dickeya chrysanthemi complete kit / 480480 tests07146C/480
Dickeya chrysanthemi complete kit / 960960 tests07146C/960
ELISA Method Control GAR unspecific1 vial (10 tests)07210PC for D.chrys.
Negative Control Dickeya chrysanthemi1 vial (10 tests)07146NC